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Services we provide

Take a look and see what types of skills and services you might need for your project. The better you can describe your needs to us, the better and more accurately we can fulfill your goals.

Our landscape maintenance offerings include weeding, pruning, raking those innumerable pine needles and leaves every fall, and routine annuals planting. Our maintenance crews are certified in herbicide application and experienced are in knowing the best times of year to apply herbicdes in Northern Arizona. We are adept with working around sudden temperature changes and monsoonal weather patterns.

Landscape Maintenance

Our landscape architects will work with you to determine the best locations to site critical infrastructure on your property. This includes dwelling locations, incorporation of existing/natural assets and views, potential areas and sizing for septic fields, utility lines, and any drainage or LID considerations. Complex site plans should still be reviewed with a licensed engineer.

Site Planning

Landscape installation, aka "softscaping," involves working with all live plant materials. This includes sourcing and planting trees, shrubs, groundcovers.

Morning Dew is able to assist with landscaping design and plant type recommendations thanks to many years of experience in Arizona's unique climate and elevation ranges. We are also happy to work from plans that you provide.

Landscape Installation

Morning Dew offers a wide array of hardscaping services, installed by our tradespeople who take pride in doing an excellent and artful job:

Hardscape Installation

  • Fire pits, fireplaces, fire channels (gas or electric)

  • Paver patios, walkways, and driveways

  • Wood or composite decking

  • Outdoor kitchens

  • Pergolas

  • Retaining and free-standing walls

Our irrigation specialists will create an appropriate schedule with you depending on your needs and within your locality's official watering schedule. Services include:

Irrigation Maintenance

  • Charging your system

  • Checking each watering zone

  • Adjusting any sprinkler heads (as needed)

  • Checking for leaks

  • Programming timers

  • Replacing timer batteries (as needed)

Morning Dew's licensed landscape architects will work with you to develop your ideas into workable plans and, if applicable, prepare those plans to code-compliant standards. Design services include:

Landscape Design

  • Site visits

  • Budget and installation considerations

  • Design iterations

  • Planting schemes

  • Hardscaping design

  • Lighting schemes

  • Site grading design

We audit the health of your old irrigation system or evaluate your landscaping plans to develop a new system. Morning Dew's certified and experienced irrigation specialists can install and repair irrigation components, from timers to valves to backflow preventers.

Irrigation Audit or New System

Our staff members have experience planting native species, removing invasive plants, and restoring habitats ranging from dry deserts to riparian corridors to coastal areas. We employ "natural" construction materials such as dry-stacked boulders, rip rap, and swales as much as possible and as appropriate.

Morning Dew offers this service to agencies, commercial properties, and personal property owners!

Landscape Restoration

Morning Dew's snow management services include plowing, shoveling (including roofs), snow blowing, and cinder dressing to increase driveway traction.

We are able to do one-time service calls as well as schedule annual cleanups.

Snow Management (commercial clients only)

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