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Landscape Architecture

Morning Dew Landscaping provides landscape design services in addition to our construction and landscape installations. We have licensed landscape architects on staff with experience in working in the diverse climate ranges in Arizona and code requirements for different municipalities in the state.

The general process for taking your project from an idea to buildable plans includes the following:

1. Site investigation and analysis

Morning Dew's landscape architect will meet with you on site to discuss ideas you have and walk the site together to determine areas of priority and potential phasing for the project. Typically, matters of water flow, wind tunnels, sun exposure, materials, soil type, preferred plantings, screening, and desired views will be discussed.

2. Conceptual Design

Using the information obtained during site investigation, the landscape architect will draft a concept plan to present to you. The plan shows a general layout and may include a planting or materials palette if it is relevant at this early stage in the project. It is meant to generate further discussion and aid in communication between Morning Dew and you, the client.

3. Design development

This stage is a cycle of ongoing plan refinement, the length of which is determined by the client's expectations, needs, and design budget. At the end of the stage, the landscape architect will present a buildable, construction-level final plan that takes into consideration all review feedback and any zoning code or homeowner's association requirements that might apply.

​Morning Dew can also provide a conceptual budget for the project as well as recommendations to civil engineering or other specialty contractors. Depending on project scope agreed upon earlier on, Morning Dew can help the client with any necessary formal submittals to relevant agencies or review committees.

​The design plans we deliver you at the end of this stage allows you the freedom to choose to continue onto construction with Morning Dew or shop around for other landscape and construction installers.

4. Construction

If you do choose to work with Morning Dew to install your designed project, you have the advantage of a streamlined install timeline and lower construction cost. The landscape architect will be able to provide guidance to the install crews and work with you to make sure the project is installed as desired.

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