March 14, 2018

Irrigation Turn on Schedule

Tentative Spring Irrigation Turn on Schedule


With spring right around the corner, we have initiated our spring 2018 turn on schedule by neighborhood (see below).  You are receiving this schedule since you are on our automatic turn on/turn off list.


With our volatile spring and fall temperatures, we highly recommend the installation of a Polar Parka.  This inexpensive solution protects your backflow from freezing during early and late-season frosts, enabling you to water as your plantings come out of dormancy.   Morning Dew has Polar Parkas available for sale to our regular on and off customers.  The costs are: X-small parka $43.57, Small parka $69.73 and Medium parka $98.06.   If you would like to purchase a polar parka for your system, please reply to this email to that effect and we will install it when we re-energize your system.



Neighborhood Tentative Dates
East Side Areas (Greenlaw, Shadow Mtn, Skyline) 4/2 – 4/6
Downtown / Central 4/3 – 4/6
Country Club / Foxglenn / Amberwood 4/4 – 4/6
Walnut Canyon / Walnut Meadows / Walnut Ridge 4/9 – 4/13
Boulder Pointe 4/10
University Heights 4/10
Ponderosa Trails 4/10 – 4/13
Coconino Estates 4/14
Cheshire / Baderville / Anasazi Ridge / Coyote Springs 4/14 – 4/17
Lockett Ranches 4/19
Tusayan 4/19
Bellemont 4/19
Doney Park / Timberline 4/19
Pine Canyon 4/20
Equestrian Estates / Flagstaff Ranch / Presidio 4/20
Forest Highlands / Kachina / Mountainaire 4/19 – 4/20
Munds Park 4/20


Morning Dew Landscaping will charge your system, check each zone and make any necessary sprinkler head adjustments, check for leaks, program your timer and replace the timer battery.  Your system will water according to the City of Flagstaff watering schedule.


Our fee to energize your system is $65 (does not include Polar Parka).


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