Knoles Elementary School Garden

In spring of 2017, the master gardener grant program awarded funds to re-vamp a neglected garden space at Knoles elementary school. Several employees at Morning Dew Landscaping who have completed the master gardener program volunteered their time to work and complete this project. The project was coordinated through Kathleen Malkhassian, a 4th grade teacher at Knoles. The condition of the garden at the time had several safety hazards, was unkempt and cluttered. The space is at the front of the school and had high visibility. Our objectives where to beautify the area, create a peaceful and safe area for reading and play time, introduce children and adults to the art of gardening, incorporate annuals and perennials to demonstrate  symbiotic relationships, and build multiple raised beds.

The first weekend was spent removing safety hazards and hauling off all unusable debris.

The second weekend involved leveling of the area and building multiple garden beds.


The final weekend was spent planting and laying of soft fall play chips as ground cover

This month we had the pleasure of helping the 4th grade class in planting 150 seed trays and donated 3 vegetation grow lights. During this time we were able to explain different methods of gardening, stages of plant growth and harvesting. The class was very well behaved and showed a great interest in gardening.

This year our goals are to install a drip irrigation system, build more permanent garden beds and dedicate an area for a Milkweed garden as a Monarch way station.


When is the best Time for Pre-emergents?

Timing is everything with Pre-emergent weed control.  In northern Arizona there are 2 critical times for pre-emergent applications, spring and summer.  Weeds will start their germination processes once the ground temperature is 50 degrees and above and with moderate precipitation.  March and April are idea for applying to rock mulched landscapes; April and May are perfect for turf pre-emergent once the sprinkler system has been energized and one more application in early summer, when timed with monsoons for warm season weeds.

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Did you know?

Under the Arizona Department of Agriculture Pest Management Division ONLY AZ PMD Certified applicators can apply pre-emergent herbicides.  At Morning Dew Landscaping we are proud to have 5 certified technicians. Becoming certified ensures that applications are done safely with environmental concerns in mind.  To find a list of companies licensed for this treatment CLICK HERE

How do pre-emergent applications work?

At Morning Dew Landscaping we have documented weed species that are common in specific areas of northern and central Arizona.  This allows us to use the correct herbicide for the weeds in the seed bank of those areas, unlike other companies who may just use one type for all locations.  Pre-emergents work by creating a barrier that once a sprouting seed comes in contact, the herbicide it inhibits root and shoot development.  When timed with precipitation, the herbicide can work into the top few inches of soil to provide better control.  Most applications will provide 3-4 months of coverage.

Q: Will the pre-emergent affect existing plants?

Pre-emergent will not affect established perennials or bulbs.  Our applicators are certified!  Certified applicators understand calibration, plant ID and how to read the SDS to ensure all applications are done right the first time.

Dandelions were introduced to North America in the 1600’s. While it’s considered a nuisance now, its original purpose was for food and medicine.

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Tentative Spring Irrigation Turn on Schedule


With spring right around the corner, we have initiated our spring 2018 turn on schedule by neighborhood (see below).  You are receiving this schedule since you are on our automatic turn on/turn off list.


With our volatile spring and fall temperatures, we highly recommend the installation of a Polar Parka.  This inexpensive solution protects your backflow from freezing during early and late-season frosts, enabling you to water as your plantings come out of dormancy.   Morning Dew has Polar Parkas available for sale to our regular on and off customers.  The costs are: X-small parka $43.57, Small parka $69.73 and Medium parka $98.06.   If you would like to purchase a polar parka for your system, please reply to this email to that effect and we will install it when we re-energize your system.



Neighborhood Tentative Dates
East Side Areas (Greenlaw, Shadow Mtn, Skyline) 4/2 – 4/6
Downtown / Central 4/3 – 4/6
Country Club / Foxglenn / Amberwood 4/4 – 4/6
Walnut Canyon / Walnut Meadows / Walnut Ridge 4/9 – 4/13
Boulder Pointe 4/10
University Heights 4/10
Ponderosa Trails 4/10 – 4/13
Coconino Estates 4/14
Cheshire / Baderville / Anasazi Ridge / Coyote Springs 4/14 – 4/17
Lockett Ranches 4/19
Tusayan 4/19
Bellemont 4/19
Doney Park / Timberline 4/19
Pine Canyon 4/20
Equestrian Estates / Flagstaff Ranch / Presidio 4/20
Forest Highlands / Kachina / Mountainaire 4/19 – 4/20
Munds Park 4/20


Morning Dew Landscaping will charge your system, check each zone and make any necessary sprinkler head adjustments, check for leaks, program your timer and replace the timer battery.  Your system will water according to the City of Flagstaff watering schedule.


Our fee to energize your system is $65 (does not include Polar Parka).


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Morning Dew’s Landscape Architect David Blanchard has been working with Mariposa Ecological, Botanical Consulting and The Arboretum at Flagstaff to design the landscaping plans for habitat restoration projects along the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  The plans include identifying and locating invasive species for removal, techniques for removal, a planting plan and various bio-engineering techniques for planting trees in the back-country without access to irrigation. The restoration planting plan includes native trees and shrubs that are crucial for the survival of the Southern Willow Flycatcher.

In January, this work was implemented at Cardenas Camp (River Mile 71) with help of 21 people consisting of 8 volunteers, 3 park service staff, 4 boatman, 3 employees from Morning Dew and 3 employees from the Arboretum.  Plants, tools, and food were transported in on rafts while the volunteers, NPS and Morning Dew employees hiked in with camping gear to spend 17 days cutting tamarisk and planting cottonwoods and willows.

Morning Dew and Mariposa are also working with the Hualapai Tribe on a similar project at Diamond Creek, which is the take out for many of the Grand Canyon river trips. Morning Dew completed the restoration plan last year and sent a crew down with chainsaws at the end of February to remove tamarisk trees.

Tamarisk trees are invasive and threaten fragile riparian corridors across the southwest. Tamarisk reduces native seed germination because of the salts it concentrates on the soil surface. Tamarisk outcompete cottonwoods, willows, and mesquite, which in turn impacts wildlife habitat.  These areas will be replanted with native cottonwoods and willows in the spring of this year.


Check out the photos in our gallery here

Photos by: Mark Gilbert & Michael Taylor

   Spring is right around the corner that time of year when everyone starts to think about improvements to their landscapes, some folks tackle these projects on their own and some hire professional contractors to tackle the project. I’m here to give some credence to hiring a professional.

   First off you need a plan and an idea of cost. Most DIY’ers aren’t clear of the cost to complete a project. Our professional design and estimating team can provide boh. This time of year is a slower time in our business and presents opportunities to get these details worked out ahead of springs arrival.

   Secondly a schedule needs to be established, whether you are working your landscape project around a remodel, or it is a stand alone project a schedule has to be established. Getting your foot in the door early allows more flexibility in scheduling your project.

   Thirdly professional staff. Morning Dew has a very broad group of talent on staff. There aren’t many project types that we haven’t been involved in or touched. We meet the project by matching the specific activity with our best fitted team to accomplish your goals. A win/win for us and our customer.

   Finally, being a licensed contractor with all the appropriate insurance and skill sets we pride ourselves in doing the job right. On the odd chance that we make an error we are 100% accountable for our team and making things right by our customer. We look forward to discussing your upcoming Project for this year.


Mark J Monroe

Landscape Construction Manager

Morning Dew Landscaping.